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PoxNora is an online "collectible, turn-based, tactical fantasy game in which players command armies of fantastic creatures, cast spells of devastating power, and summon artifacts of ancient renown in order to defeat their opponents." These things are represented by runes, all of which should be easily found using this database. I put this together for personal use, but if it can help out the community of PoxNora players, all the better.

Coming soon: searching, sorting, color coding, and deck building.

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The Rune Census

Here's a breakdown of a few interesting stats based on the rune collections uploaded by users of this site. If you'd like to add your collection to the totals, sign up here.

Total Runes Counted: 45112

10 Most Common
1. Goblin Brute 852
2. Festering Wounds 455
3. Wild Elf 429
4. Righteous Deflection 428
5. Priest of Valdac 427
6. Decayed Mercenary 425
7. Froblic Bull 424
8. Great Eagle 424
9. Sunder Axe 424
10. Boil 423
10 Rarest (Non-Limited Edition)
1. Aquatic Talisman 18
2. Divine Dispersal 18
3. Forge Hammer 22
4. Grimlic's Mirror 22
5. Helm of Chaos 23
6. Dragon Skull 25
7. Tome of Hate 25
8. Forbidden Fruit 27
9. Crown of Corruption 28
10. Dwarven King 29
Faction Breakdown
Forsaken Wastes 18.2%
Forglar Swamp 16.9%
Ironfist Stronghold 16.4%
Sundered Lands 16.2%
K'Thir Forest 16.2%
Underdepths 16.2%
Rarity Breakdown
Common 53.5%
Uncommon 33.3%
Rare 11.5%
Exotic 1.6%
Limited Edition 0.1%

User Breakdown
Number of Users 117
Total Runes 45112
Mean Collection 386
Median Collection 262
Smallest Collection 7
Largest Collection 2946

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Guess the Rune: "Every good swamp has its giant Octopus." - Forglar shaman
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