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PoxNora is an online "collectible, turn-based, tactical fantasy game in which players command armies of fantastic creatures, cast spells of devastating power, and summon artifacts of ancient renown in order to defeat their opponents." These things are represented by runes, all of which should be easily found using this database. I put this together for personal use, but if it can help out the community of PoxNora players, all the better.

Coming soon: searching, sorting, color coding, and deck building.

If you just stumbled on this page, give PoxNora a try; it's quick download and runs on Windows, Macs, and Linux computers.

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Champions Spells Equipment Relics
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Name Nora Cooldown Description Faction Rarity
Backfire 45 9 For the next 6 turns, or until your opponent casts a Spell, the next Spell cast by your opponent has no effect. This effect is hidden until triggered. FS U
Blister 40 8 All non-Reptile, non-Dragon Champions take 10 Physical damage. SL U
Bog Trap 45 9 Area Effect: All spaces become Water. Whenever a non-Flying, non-Amphibious Champion enters one of these spaces, it loses all AP. FS C
Boil 70 14 Area Effect: All non-Flying Champions occupying Water take 25 Physical damage and all Relics occupying Water take 6 Physical damage. SL C
Brambles 30 6 Target Champion takes 10 Physical damage and becomes Ensnared 2. KF C
Butterfly Wings 25 5 Target Champion you control is Flying for the next 4 - 6 turns. KF C
Carnivorous Vines 35 7 Target Champion takes 5 Physical damage and becomes Rooted 3. KF C
Cauterize 35 7 Target injured Champion takes 10 Fire damage and is inhibited from healing for the rest of the game. UD U
Clairvoyance 20 4 You reveal three additional Runes this turn. KF U
Corrode 35 7 All non-Forglar Equipment is destroyed. FS C
Dark Rising 60 12 Area Effect: Summon 5 Undead Champions in random locations. These units have 5 ATK, 0 DEF, 3 SPD, 5 DMG, 4 HP, 1 RNG, Initiative 2, and Boon of the Undead. One of these units will die every two turns. FW R
Darkness 60 12 Each player's non-deployed Runes (excluding this one) become concealed. Then each player's Rune Dock is shuffled. UD R
Demolish 50 10 Destroy target Relic. UD C
Desperate Heal 40 8 Each Champion you control recovers 20 HP, then your Shrine loses 5 HP for each unit healed this way. IS R
Devolve 40 8 Select an opposing Champion. For the next 4 - 6 turns, that unit's ATK, DEF, SPD, and DMG are reduced by half. KF C
Divine Dispersal 80 16 At the end of your turn, all Champions and Relics are removed from play. For each unit removed this way, its controller recovers Nora equal to 50% of that unit's Nora Cost. IS E
Domination 50 10 Select an opposing Champion that is not Possessed. That unit recovers 5 AP, and you gain control of it until end of turn. FW E
Draconic Benediction 55 11 Until end of turn, all Champions you control get +8 ATK, +5 DEF, +2 DMG, +2 SPD, recover 2 AP, and are Flying. SL R
Drown 60 12 Target non-Amphibious, non-Flying Champion occupying Water is destroyed. FS E
Earthquake 40 8 All non-Flying Champions within the affected area take 10 Physical damage and lose 3 AP. All Relics within the affected area take 10 Physical damage. Any Shrine within the affected area takes 5 Physical damage. IS U
Essence Drain 50 10 Target Champion loses half of its current HP (loss of HP cannot be prevented). FW U
Festering Wounds 25 5 All Champions not at Max HP become Diseased 4. FW C
Firestorm 60 12 Area Effect: Champions take 15 Fire damage and become Charred 3, Relics take 15 Fire damage and Shrines take 7 Fire damage. SL U
Grimlic's Mirror 90 18 Create a copy of target Champion you control. This copy appears in your nearest deployment zone. KF E
Hammer Strike 45 9 Target Champion takes 15 Physical damage, loses all AP, and becomes Stunned 2. IS U
Hatching Season 50 10 Area Effect: Summon 5 Dragon Egg Relics with 0 DEF and 1 HP in random locations. Starting after next turn, at the end of each of your opponent's turns one of these is replaced by a Dragon Hatchling Champion. SL U
Hungry Mire 50 10 Area Effect: For the next 4 - 8 turns, all spaces become Dirt and Water. Whenever a non-Flying Champion enters one of these spaces, it takes 5 Physical damage and becomes Ensnared 2. FS U
Impervious 30 6 Target Champion you control is Impervious until the end of the next turn (Damage dealt to it is reduced to 0). IS U
Mindstorm 45 9 Target Champion takes 10 Psychic damage, loses all AP and becomes Shocked 5. UD U
Mobilization 40 8 All Champions you control recover 5 AP. FW C
Monsoon 50 10 Area Effect: All Champions take 10 Physical damage and become Grounded 2. For the next 4 - 6 turns, all spaces become Water and are Impeding 2. FS C
Necroweave 40 8 For the next 4 - 6 turns, whenever an undead Champion you control is destroyed, its cooldown is set to 0. FW C
Nora Drain 45 9 Each player loses all Nora. FS R
Plague 25 5 Target Champion you control becomes Diseased 5 and Infectious 5. FW U
Quickening 65 13 All Champions you control gain "Whenever this unit makes an attack, it automatically makes a second attack against the same unit for free" until end of turn. This effect may trigger only once per Champion. SL R
Reanimate 65 13 Select a Champion. Whenever that unit would be destroyed, it instead respawns in its owner's nearest deployment zone at end of turn. This effect is hidden until triggered. FW R
Restore Life 40 8 Each of your Champion Runes loses half the time remaining on its cooldown. IS R
Retribution 40 8 Target Champion you control is destroyed. The closest opposing Champion takes Magical damage equal to half the destroyed unit's Nora Cost. UD E
Righteous Deflection 40 8 Select a Champion. For the next 5 - 10 turns, that unit gains "Whenever this unit would take damage from a ranged-combat attack, that damage is dealt to the attacking unit instead." This effect is hidden until triggered. IS C
Sacrifice 25 5 Destroy target Champion you control. You regain Nora equal to its Nora Cost. UD U
Shatter 30 6 Select a Champion bearing Equipment. That Equipment is destroyed. UD C
Smite Undead 65 13 Destroy target undead Champion. IS U
Soul Cage 45 9 Target Champion becomes Paralyzed 4. If it takes damage, this effect ends. FW C
Tornado 50 10 Area Effect: All Champions take 15 Physical damage and become Grounded 2, all Relics take 20 Physical damage and all Shrines take 5 Physical damage. SL C
Truce 40 8 Each Champion becomes Pacified until the end of the next turn. Any Champions that enter play before the Truce ends also become pacified. KF U
Unobstructed View 20 4 For the next 4 turns, all opposing Stealthed Champions lose the Stealthed condition. IS C
Vortex 55 11 Target Champion loses all AP and is moved to a random location in its owner's Shrine deployment zone. If there is no valid location for the unit, it is returned to the Rune dock, its cooldown is set to 0, and its Nora Cost is refunded. KF R
Weaken 40 8 For the next 4 - 6 turns, target Champion loses 10 ATK, 5 DEF, 4 SPD, and 10 DMG. FW U