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PoxNora is an online "collectible, turn-based, tactical fantasy game in which players command armies of fantastic creatures, cast spells of devastating power, and summon artifacts of ancient renown in order to defeat their opponents." These things are represented by runes, all of which should be easily found using this database. I put this together for personal use, but if it can help out the community of PoxNora players, all the better.

Coming soon: searching, sorting, color coding, and deck building.

If you just stumbled on this page, give PoxNora a try; it's quick download and runs on Windows, Macs, and Linux computers.

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Champions Spells Equipment Relics
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Name Nora Description Faction Rarity
Dragon Skull 45 Fire damage dealt to Champions is increased by 50%. SL E
Fire Ruby 48 At the beginning of your turn, Fire Ruby deals 15 Fire damage to the closest opposing unit within 3 spaces. Whenever an opposing Champion moves within 3 spaces of Fire Ruby, that unit takes 2 Fire damage. UD R
Nora Mine 25 At the beginning of your turn, you recover an additional 5 Nora. IS C
Prismatic Crystals 25 Whenever a Champion moves within 2 spaces of Prismatic Crystals, there is a 50% chance that the Champion becomes Pacified 2. KF U
Rejuvenating Fountain 30 Spaces adjacent to this unit become Water and are Impeding 1. At the beginning of each player's turn, each Champion that player controls that is adjacent to this unit recovers 2 AP and 5 HP. FS U
Tome of Hate 30 At the end of your turn, if your Shrine is damaged and one or more Champions are in play, each Champion loses 2 HP and your Shrine recovers 1 HP for each Champion. Otherwise, Tome of Hate loses 2 HP. FW E